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Saturday, 22 June 2013

You may lose Internet On July 9 ! | DNSChanger Malware

You may lose Internet On July 9 ! | DNSChanger Malware

July 9 , 2012  could be Internet Doomsday for PC and MAC which are infected with DNSChanger Malware. Around 3 Lakhs computer users will lose internet access all over the globe. Read this post to know How to Protect yourself from losing internet access.

Q) What is DNS ?
A) DNS – Domain Name System is an internet services which converts user-friendly domain names into numerical Internet Protocol [IP] address that computer use to talk to each other. When you enter a Domain, your computer connects with the DNS servers of your ISP [Internet Service Provide ] . These server than reply with the IP address of the requested website and your browser then redirects to that IP.

Q) What is DNSchanger Malware and what does it do to my computer ?
A) DNSchanger Malware changes the ISP ‘s legitimate DNS  server address with a rogue DNS server address. This way the affected PC then contacts with that rogue DNS and now he will be redirected according to that rogue DNS.
Ex : You type in your browser than your computer will contact to that rogue DNS server and then you will be redirected according to that DNS. It is possible that you are redirected to a Facebook Phisher and then your account is not safe !

Q) Why will you lose internet connection, cause that malware is not stopping internet access ? 
A) Actually FBI is shutting down those rogue DNS servers  on July 9. PC still relying on those rogue DNS servers will lose access on July 9.

Q) How to check if you are infected or not ?
A) To check your PC for this malware visit this site  :
If it shows ‘Green’  then its ok but if it is ‘Red’ then your PC is infected with DNSChanger malware.
You can also check manually by following these steps :
1) Go to DNS settings
1.1) For windows users  : Go to Run > Type ‘CMD’ > type ipconfig /all
1.2) For apple users : System Preferences >>Select Network > Select connection used for Internet >Advanced > DNS
2) Now you will see a list of DNS addresses
3) Compare the list with these addresses :
  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through
  • through
If any of the IP matches with the record in your DNS settings than your PC is infected.

Q) What to do if i am infected ?
A) Those who believe that their PC is infected should contact a Computer  Expert.
You can also download Free tools to remove this malware from this site :
Backup all your important data and wipe your PC and reinstall operating system