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Saturday, 22 June 2013

What are FTP(FIle transfer Protocol) account and their uses

What are FTP(FIle transfer Protocol) account and their uses

This tutorial is about FTP {File Transfer Protocol } accounts and their uses. It is used in my earlier post about How to Hack facebook accounts using keylogger. So read this post carefully and do share your feeback in comments.

Q)What is a FTP account and how is it useful?
A) Ftp(File transfer protocol) allows you to transfer your files from your pc to a hosting server.
Ftp account let you upload your files more easily and rapidly to your web hosting account.
Q)What is FTP client?
A) Ftp client is used to copy files from one pc to another via internet or in our case one pc to another web hosting server .
popular Ftp client is Filezilla

Q)How to create Ftp account and how to use it?
A) In order to create an ftp account you first need to create a web hosting account. After creating a free webhosting account login to your cpanel and search for Ftp information.
Search and note Ftp username, Ftp host and ftp password(it is usually same as password to your webhosting account).
After that open Filezilla and in host type your host name,in username type your username and enter your password in password field and then hit connect.
Then it will show 2 columns one containing your Hard disk data in the right side and other in the left will be your Files in your web hosting account.
You can drag and drop data from your pc to your server and vice versa.
Creating Ftp account at
1)Create a Free webhosting account at (You could read about this in my earlier posts).
2)Login to your cpanel and then search for “Ftp information”.
3)Ther you will see YourFtp credentials.
ex- Ftp host name =
ftp username =p4one_1234
Ftp pass = your cpanel password