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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Top 5 ways to protect your facebook account from hackers

Top 5 ways to protect your facebook account from hackers

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Before Facebook Gets Hacked

Nowadays the only social networking site that has become popular among the younger generations is FACEBOOK. Almost 7% of the world’s population is on facebook. Along with numerous benefits it has it’s disadvantages too. The most common threat that an facebook user gets is his facebook account getting hacked by someone. We often get certain messages while we login to our facebook account that your account was being opened by an unauthorised person from an unknown place but we don’t take it seriously. Due to this small mistake you will pay a larger cost later in the future. it is very clear that this happens because due to our mistake that our privacy has been leaked to someone. So in order to protect your privacy of the facebook account here are some steps you should properly follow.

1. Change your name:

Don’t provide your real name while creating your Facebook account for the instance just use your nickname because if unfortunately your Facebook account gets hacked in future you would be in a situation to create a new account. Don’t be of the opinion that making a number of account is a crime because according to John Sileo the privacy expert of Facebook 80% of the people on Facebook have multiple Facebook accounts.

2. Stop geo-tagging your photos.

First let me tell you what is geo-tagging, it provides the information like the latitudes and longitudes of the photo taken and uploaded on the Facebook i.e. home ,school etc. if you are an iPhone user then just glance over for a second to your “settings”, go to “privacy” and turn off the location services for all the applications in the phone or just for an individual application like camera.

3. Lie about your age.

Girls might be pretty aware of this cause they never tell their exact age anywhere in this world. But seriously always steal your birth identity if not just try to change the year. I know it feels very happy to get birthday posts on your wall but believe me it’s for your safer side only.

4. Don’t store your credit card information on the site.

In the advanced versions of Facebook there are many games, applications etc, that require your credit information about your credit card number, it’s validity etc. But for your well being try not to provide them with certain information because they can use these things in other wrong processes.

5. Have some boundaries.

Have certain limits in life and in everything that you do in your life. Anything in excess is very dangerous. Have fun with Facebook but enjoy responsibly. Try to say “no” to the things that are wrong. When Facebook asks you questions about the photo that you have uploaded like who is in this photo, where the photo was taken ? Skip these questions. Do not upload address of your new house because for a thief it would just be a welcome invitation letter.