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Saturday, 22 June 2013

How to open blocked sites | Open blocked sites at offices/schools

How to open blocked sites | Open blocked sites at offices/schools

In this post i am discussing few ways to open blocked sites. You will learn how to open blocked sites at schools and offices.  I will post about how to block a website in my next tutorial. Till then read this amazing post about how to open blocked sites.

Few methods to open blocked sites :

Method 1 to open blocked sites :

By Using Web based proxies : 
1) Go to Google and search for “Free web proxies ” and you will get a list of  1000s of free web based proxies.
ex :
2) Open any of those sites and enter the site’s URL you want to visit and just hit open.
Method 2 :
By using Google itself as a proxy : 
1) Open .
2) Enter any blocked website’s link you want to access .
3) Choose any language other than english in the *From* and choose *English* in * To * box.
4) Click on Translate.
5) Thats it! You are now using google itself  as a proxy.
Method 3 to open blocked sites: 
Using PORT proxies :
1) Open Mozilla firefox .
2) Go to :
3) Choose any port proxy ip address having good connection time and speed .
4) Note down the proxy’s ip and port.
5) Now in Mozilla firefox go to
Tools>options>advanced>netowrk>Settings [ Connection ] > Click on manual Proxy configuration .
6) Enter the IP address and the port .
7) Do select the option “Use this Proxy server for all Protocols ” .
8) Click on Ok.
9) Open blocked sites for free.
Method 4 :
TOR -Traffic onion Routing
This includes detailed explanation and working so i will be covering this in my upcoming tutorials.