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Saturday, 22 June 2013

How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords 100%

How to Hack Facebook Account Passwords 100%

Hi friends,Hi friends, Today I am going to reveal all the Best methods that can be used to hack a Facebook account password. I will show Best ways to Hack Facebook Account Password that all hackers usually use to hack any Facebook account.Daily countless numbers of Facebook accounts are hacked. Ever asked yourself how this is achievable? Its mainly because of the main loop hole in their security system. Facebook is known as todays most commonly used social networking web site in the world has its own security flaws which makes it possible for hackers to easily hack Facebook account. Anyone can easily hack account today totally free by using this specific online hacking application. Basically no download and install required, simply input victm's profile URL address and click start hacking. We are the majority internet site for obtaining facebook passwords and accomplish hundreds and hundreds of requests each day along with a 98 % success rate. Our technique is secure and usually takes a few minutes to hack an account.

Why do folks hack facebook account?

Generally there are numerous reasons why somebody would want to hack someone else Facebook account. Mother and father might would like to see what their children are doing on the internet, to keep an eye on them. An ex lover might be wondering what is his / her ex doing now. A husband probably would like to verify if his wife is trustworthy or vice versa.

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Tools you’ll need to follow along with this are DNSspoof which is part of thedsniff package. You’ll also need a site cloning tool if you’re gonna clone a site, and apache to serve it. You’ll also need arpspoof. I use Kali Linux to take care of all of this with SET (Social engineering toolkit). It comes with dsniff too :) I’d recommend putting it on a USB stick or something and just live booting it.
Start by finding out your local IP address with ifconfig. Now that you have that, create a text file where ever you want and call it hosts or something. On one line, assuming your IP is, type in: *
This is the format of a host file, which is how the address for localhost works. If you look in /etc/hosts you’ll find a similarly formatted file, one line in there should be: localhost
Now you’re gonna have to set up arpspoof and become the man in the middle. You can find instructions on how to do this in my tutorial Wireless Networks : Viewing Anyone’s Traffic. Just scroll down to the part about arpspoofing. I’ll wait for you to come back :)
Now that you’re spoofing your target, lets clone a page and serve it up on our computer. Assuming you’re using Kali Linuxgo to your Applications menu >Kali Linux > Exploitation Tools Social Engineering Toolkit.
Select the option for Social-Engineering Attacks > Website Attack Vectors > Credential Harvester Attack Method > Site Cloner. It’ll ask you for an IP to POST back to; use your local IP for this. Then it’ll ask you for the website you wanna clone, so type in whichever you want. Note, it should be the same website that you put it that host file earlier.
Your cloned site should be hosted on port 80 now. Check it out by punching in your IP address or localhost into your URL bar. Cool, huh? Ok, so how do we get other people on the network to browse to it? That’s where dnsspoof and that host file come in. In your terminal, type in
dnsspoof -f host_file
What’s actually going on here? For one, we’re the man in the middle, so every request comes through us before reaching it’s destination. DNS is how host names are translated to IP addresses. So if we’re spoofing, the request will come through to us and our host file is like “Oh hey, you want facebook? Here it is!” And it returns back the cloned facebook. When someone tries to login to what they think is a valid facebook now, their credentials are posted back to you.
Happy hacking :)