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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Best Android Apps to enjoy watching live TV | Android app for free Tv

Best Android Apps to enjoy watching live TV | Android app for free Tv

Smartphones coupled with android OS has empowered the users by providing them limitless control over everything. Now mobile users can organize their daily tasks, send and receives emails, make & receive online payments, take photos, record videos and watch live TV. Most of the functions of smartphones are interior functions, however watching live TV stream direct on mobile phone was a dream that has become a reality today. There are bunch of free & premium android TV apps that offer live streaming. Following list shows best android apps that will let you enjoy the experience of watching Live TV.

Best Android TV Apps

1. Justin TV Broadcaster :
Justin TV Broadcaster is one of the best android TV applications. This app provides smooth streaming of TV programs without hanging the transmission. This program is designed to work best for wifi and 3G devices. This program allows users to interact with other users to share their valuable thoughts with each other and for opinion building. You can also share your favorite programs on number of social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. You can download this app free of cost from the Google play.
2. NexGTV AppNexGTP is one of the best and user friendly android apps for watching live television. You can watch the live transmission of more than 100 TV channels, while recorded program can also be watched. With NexGTV you can get entertained with broad category of channels such as sports channels, movie channels, songs channels, news channels and others. Unlike other membership TV apps, this android app is totally free of cost.
3. Netflix
Netflix is one of the leading TV subscription services. Netflix is privileged to offer the list of unlimited TV shows and movies. Netflix enables its subscribers to watch full movies and programs without any interruption.
4. 40D android app is designed for android based smartphones and tablets. This app is sponsored by Channel 4. You can watch different programs from channel 4, More 4, and E 4. You can also watch recorded programs of last 30 days. This app allows you to organize your favorite programs and to scroll and search them by list, such as sports programs, cooking programs etc.
5. Live TV Flash ObseluteLive TV Flash obselute android app will enable you to watch european channels. Like other apps this app can also be downloaded from google play for free. This tv app works perfectly well with wifi connection.
6. ZeeboxZeebox is another free of cost android app for watching TV online. This app enables you to watch famous programs and to share it with your friends on social media. This app is presently available in UK, US and Australia.
7. SinglePlayerSinglePlayer is among one of the best android TV apps. By using this app you can record or even schedule DVR recording. The app is available with broad list of TV programs, where you can watch on demand programs by paying for it.
Available with both free and premium services, HBO Go app offers access to more than 1400 programs from HBO. You can make a list of your favorite programs. In case you miss any episode you can watch it later. Likewise you can get entertained with fresh episodes within the 24 hours after the program become on-air.